to the website of Rade Hawkins, an award winning custom knifemaker for over 40 years.  Custom knife collectors, professional game hunters, dignitaries and art collectors own Rades’ custom creations.

Rade Hawkins (1938 - 2014) was a featured knife designer for many years in popular print publications, such as Blade Magazine, Knives Illustrated, Field & Stream, and was featured on knifemaking shows seen on PBS (American Public Television). His knifework was a true blend of precise engineering, exotic material knowledge, experienced hand-craftsmanship and skill!

While this site has many different areas to explore with detailed photos and text, you will find that the information is arranged around the artist and the custom knives currently available for purchase online with detailed descriptions, prices and photos. We have also included some photos of various awards Rade received during his lifetime as a custom knifemaker.

* The knives shown on this site are available for immediate delivery. Custom orders are no longer accepted. A Hawkins custom knife is created with the finest materials available. The designs are the result of 40 years of knifemaking experience. All Hawkins' knives are handmade originals!

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